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Saturday, 9 January 2016

6 Tachwedd / November

1282 - The Battle of Moel-y-don was fought along the Menai Strait. Wiki | Wici

1901 - Richard Aaron, philosopher born in Blaendulais. Wiki | Wici
1913 - William Henry Preece, Caernarfon born electrical engineer died. Wiki | Wici
1917 - John Russell, Holyhead born soldier died. Wiki
1923 - Donald Houston, actor born in Clydach Vale. Wiki | Wici | IMDB
1945 - Graham Coldrick, footballer born in Newport. Wiki
1950 - Terry Hubbard, footballer born in Pontypool. Wiki
1984 - Matthew Myers, ice hockey player born in Cardiff. Wiki (German)
1986 - Howard Thomas, Monmouthshire born radio producer died. Wiki
1988 - Neal Eardley, footballer born in Llandudno. Wiki
1995 - Jordan Williams, footballer born in Bangor. Wiki | Wici
1997 - Ray Daniel, Swansea born footballer died. Wiki

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