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Sunday, 10 January 2016

24 Tachwedd / November

1942 - Craig Thomas, writer born in Cardiff. Wiki | Wici | Web

1843 - Alfred Lawrence, judge born in Pontypool. Wiki
1884 - Jack Jones, politician born in Merthyr Tydfil. Wiki | Wici
1895 - William Evans, cardiologist born Tregaron. Wiki
1904 - Lewis Jones, Caernarfon born Y Wladfa founder died. Wiki | Wici
1910 - Walter Robbins, footballer born in Cardiff. Wiki
1931 - Jack Jones, Rhuddlan born footballer died. Wiki
1934 - Dewi Zephaniah Phillips, religious philosopher born in Swansea. Wiki | Wici
1942 - Craig Thomas, (see featured post).
1948 - Tony Bourge, musician born in Cardiff. Wiki
1974 - Ivor Jones, Merthyr Tydfil born footballer died. Wiki
1980 - Camille Butcher, soprano born in Newport. Wiki (German)

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