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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

30 Mehefin / June

1911 - Alfred Janes, painter born in Swansea. Wiki | Wici

1181 - Hugh de Kevelioc, Monmouth born English noble died. Wiki
1337 - Eleanor de Clare, Caerphilly born English noble died. Wiki
1911 - Alfred Janes, (see featured post).
1918 - Jackie Roberts, footballer born in Swansea. Wiki
1932 - Derek Tapscott, footballer born in Barry. Wiki | Wici
1949 - Andy Scott, musician born in Wrexham. Wiki
1951 - Geoff Wheel, rugby player born in Swansea. Wiki
1954 - Peter Aitken, footballer born in 1954. Wiki
1962 - Hugh Hamshaw Thomas, Wrexham born paleobotanist died. Wiki
1990 - Lynne Carol, Usk born actress died. Wiki | IMDB
1995 - Declan John, footballer born in Merthyr Tydfil. Wiki | Wici
1999 - Roley Williams, footballer born in Swansea. Wiki

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